Confocal microscopy

Zeiss LSM 880,  Zeiss LSM 880 + AiryScan 

Features include: 

  • multiple wavelength imaging of thick samples; 
  • imaging of fixed and live cells, tissue, and 3D cultures; 
  • super-resolution (32-element Airyscan detector); 
  • spectral imaging (32-channel GaAsP array); 
  • "filterless" acquisition (custom emission bandwidths); tile scanning; 
  • complex time lapse experiments. 

Laser excitations: 405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 594, 633 nm. 

Objectives: 10x, 25x, 40x, 63x, 100x (all but 10x are oil immersion; all DIC for simultaneous transmitted light imaging).

Leica SP5

Features include:

  • 5 Spectral Filter Free PMT detectors
  • AOBS (Acoustical Optical Beam Splitter)
  • DMI6000 Fully Motorized Inverted Microscope
  • Scanning X,Y stage for multi-position imaging or tiling
  • Super Z galvo z stage for fast XZ imaging and precise X,Y, Z stacks
  • Large Incubation box for long term time lapse imaging
  • Software for 3D Visualization, Colocalization, FRET, FRAP and offline analysis

Laser excitations: 405, 458, 476, 488,496, 514, 543, 633 nm. 

Objectives: 10x Air, 20x Air, 20x Multi-immersion, 40x Oil, 63x Oil Immersion, 63x water immersion. All DIC for simultaneous transmitted light imaging.