Cryoelectron Microscopy

Devrim Acehan, PhD, Director

Devrim Acehan, PhD, Director

Cryo electron microscopy methods allow researchers preserve samples in frozen form and observe the frozen samples in electron microscope. Samples trapped in vitreous ice and imaged at liquid nitrogen temperature, provide data for 3-dimensional reconstruction of  biological structures close to their native state. Isolated protein molecules or other small samples can be frozen in solution for single particle reconstruction. Thin sections of frozen cells or tissues are commonly used for electron tomography reconstruction.


Laboratory space will be in room E-0035.
FEI TF20 Electron microscope will be in room E-0002.
Temporary office is in room E-012.

Devrim Acehan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Research in Biochemistry
Director of Cryo Electron Microscopy Core Facility
Telephone: 646 962 7053

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    Current status

    We are working with the internal construction teams as well as external companies to ready our 200kV FEG microscope equipped with a direct electron detector.

    In the meantime, cryo-EM preparation devices are available to use:

    • Ted-Pella plasma cleaner for grid surface preparation
    • FEI Vitrobot grid plunger for sample freezing
    • Carbon evaporator and Jeol 1400 120kV LaB6 microscope at the Histology-EM Core Facility
    • Other preparative equipment and electron microscopes are available at the NYSBC. WCM is a full member of this consortium and access for WCM affiliated projects is regulated.
    • Scientific Computation Unit provides CPU and GPU clusters for 3-Dimensional EM project

    New York Structural Biology Simons Electron Microscopy Center provides additional Cryo Electron Microscopy resources to the Weill Cornell Medical College researchers. There are plunge freezers for freezing samples on EM grids as well as high pressure freezers for freezing larger samples for cryo sectioning. Currently there are three FEI Krios microscopes equipped with direct electron detectors in addition to screening microscopes. These microscopes are controlled by Leginon software for automated single particle reconstruction as well as tomography data collection. NYSBC staff provides training for the use of the equipment.

    Our institute has allocated time slots for the equipment use which we divide among interested research laboratories. Please contact us to request NYSBC microscope time.


    • Cryo-EM Core Facility provides training for  independent use of the on site equipment.
    • Cryo-EM Core Facility will conduct workshops and seminars for methods development.
    • Users are welcome to borrow EM books from the Cryo-EM  Core Facility Library.
    • We will maintain a Linux computer to test software and data in collaboration with Scientific Computation Unit. You are welcome to bring your own EM data to discuss.
    • In addition,  users are encouraged to discuss their projects before starting their experiments to devise customized protocols and then modify them based on their experimental results.


    • Every user needs a training/refresher session before using the core facility equipment for the first time.
    • Every user needs to book equipment before every use.
    • Every user can utilize the equipment and core facility laboratory space for their EM preparations and experiments provided they take good care of equipment, leave common use areas clean and respect other users’ rights.
    • Equipment time at the NYSBC will be assigned by project/laboratory basis.