Electron Microscopy and Histology


Transmission Electron Microscopy

Full sample processing from fixation through embedding, sectioning and microscopy available.



Sectioning for electron microscopy both as a service and for trained users. Equipment is also available for obtaining paraffin and frozen sections for light microscopy.



Preparation of frozen tissue blocks & acquisition of frozen sections for immunolabeling and light microscopy


Paraffin Embedding for Light Microscopy

Two TissueTek VIP 150 automated tissue processing units and the accompanying embedding console are available for paraffin embedding for light microscopy applications.


Scanning Electron Microscopy

Fixation, dehydration, critical point drying, sputter coating of samples can be performed in the Core.  Referral to Rockefeller University for SEM imaging.


Sample preparation may be done entirely by the Core staff, or the client may work independently.

Electron Microscopy and Histology Equipment

  • 2 Leica  Ultracut  ultramicrotomes
  • 2 Leica paraffin microtomes
  • Hacker-Bright OTF cryostat
  • EMS vacuum evaporator
  • EMS critical point dryer
  • Pelco Easi-glo discharge unit
  • Pelco Sputter coater for SEM preps
  • 2 Sakura Finetek Tissue Tek VIP automated tissue processors for paraffin embedding.


GE Typhoon Trio PhosphorImager. Applications include acquiring images of 1D or 2D gels, blots, tissue sections, etc. using either storage phosphor screens, chemiluminescence or specific fluorescent stains excited by red (633 nm), green (532 nm) or blue (488 or 457 nm) light. Protein or nucleic acid determination can also be done in microtiter plates when stained with appropriate fluorescent dyes. Data can be quantitated using available ImageQuant software.


X-Ray Film Processing

The Core has 2 Konica SRX-101A Film processors for developing x-ray films/westerns.

X ray etc.png