Microscopy and Image Analysis Core Facility

The Imaging Core Facility strives to assist users with all their microscopic imaging needs, from the conception of an idea, to final image analysis and  presentation. Our specific offerings are listed below.

Zeiss AxioPlan.jpg


Our Facility offers a variety of microscopes to our users, which are all available for independent, as well as limited assisted use. These include regular widefield microscopes for fluorescence and brightfield imaging, laser scanning microscopes (confocal and multiphoton), super-high resolution microscope (Zeiss Airyscan), automated high content optical microscopy, and electron microscopy.


Image analysis

We provide access to several image analysis software packages, and image analysis workstations that are optimized for handling large amounts of imaging data. The software we have current licence for include MetaMorph, MetaXpress and Imaris. In addition, we have Fiji/ImageJ on all our workstations. 


Other services

In addition to microscopy and image analysis, our Core Facility also provides basic histology services. These include sectioning and H&E staining of tissues for light microscopy, and tissue processing for electron microscopy (including sample preparation for Scanning EM and Immuno-EM). In addition, our Core Facility oversees the use of a Phosphorimager and two X-ray film processors. 

Education program

Our Education program consists of didactic lectures, image analysis clinics, as well as training users individually and in small groups. In addition, we offer free consultation of experiment design - including suggesting the best microscope for specific applications, optimal dyes to use, need for specialized imaging chambers etc.